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Mario Balotelli : Why Always Me

balotelli Why Always Me
Mario Balotelli who is not familiar with the players on this one. Have the talent and incredible skill, but full of controversy. Since his promotion to first team Inter Milan he has repeatedly caused controversy. Despite having tremendous talent but he has the attitude of the controversy it would destroy her career has been built.
Since moving to England to join the squad Roberto Mancini, Manchester City, childish tantrum Super Mario did not change. Even behavior that he has made more diverse. Not only in the square outside the football field he was still throwing a tantrum. At least during the defense of Manchester City, the player has to do seven things that suck up a lot of controversy over media attention.
Here are seven Super Mario caused controversy.
  1. AUGUST 2010: Just a few days after joining the City, Balotelli has been stealing the attention. He had an accident with his car Audi R8 on the way to the gym. Although the front of his car wrecked, Balotelli survived. In the incident, Balotelli is known to carry cash amount of £ 5000 (about USD 73 million) in the car. When asked the reason the police took that much money, he lightly replied "because I am rich".
  2. MARCH 2011: Balotelli make trouble again after he threw a small arrow (dart) to a youth team player City. No one was injured in this incident and he is also escaped punishment.
  3. OCTOBER 2011: Balotelli almost burned his own house. This story started when Balotelli and his friends are having a party at his house about 1 o'clock morning local time. Balotelli is given a set of fireworks valued at 200 pounds, turned it on in the bathroom. But unfortunately even fireworks fire memercikan to various corners of the bathroom and on one of the towels in there. As a result the fire was immediately snatched up in the room. Balotelli and his friends straight out to the home page. Instantly Balotelli immediately called the police. Although not suffered any injury or injuries, but Balotelli should be willing to suffer losses estimated at a value of one million pounds.A few days after this kajadian, he scored a goal in the Manchester derby at Old Trafford. In selebrasinya, he showed the writing on the shirt it is now a very popular: "Why Always Me?"
  4. DECEMBER 2011: Balotelli several times a feud with his teammates involved. He had almost a fight with Jerome Boateng and Micah Richards in a practice session. Incident with Richards begins a war of words which then continues with physical fights. Luckily, Balotelli and Richards was fist each other as colleagues to intervene immediately. Not long after this incident later, Richards through his twitter account trying to cool the atmosphere by saying that his relationship with Balotelli fine.
  5. JANUARY 2012: At the time City host Tottenham Hotspur, Balotelli again cause controversy. Although the referee did not get caught, she landed her shoe caught on camera to face Scott Parker who was dropped. Balotelli was accidentally admitted doing so. However, others argue FA and Balotelli suspended for four games.
  6. MARCH 2012: Despite having to leave Inter Milan since 2010, Balotelli seems to still have a bond with his old club. At the Nerazzurri introduced as new coach Andrea Stramaccioni, she makes a scene by going to the press conference room. Appearance made ​​people in the room, including Stramaccioni, surprised. He then shook hands warmly with several Inter officials and Stramaccioni.
  7. During strengthen the City, recorded Balotelli has received four red cards. Here's a list of red cards for lovers Raffaella Fico is:
    1.  November 2010, Balotelli scored his first goal in the Premier League match West Bromwich Albion cons. However, he was expelled in the game because it clashed with Youssuf Mulumbu.
    2. March 2011, Balotelli red card in the Europa League Dynamo Kiev cons. Why, he made a rough tackle on Goran Popov.
    3. November 2011, Balotelli also could not finish the match counter Liverpool at Anfield. He was expelled for receiving two yellow cards.
    4. April 2012, two violations of Bacary Sagna to Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium expelled. In the first half, Arsenal also caught on camera roughing up Alex Song.

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